Your Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Eligibility in 2022: Two Ways to Claim

claiming employee retention credit

It isn’t uncommon for economic uncertainty to have cascading effects on the people in the economy. Small to mid-size businesses worry about the future of their business, and many lay off their employees to keep finances in check.  To minimize this from happening, Congress created the Employee Retention Credit to help employers claim certain payroll […]

How to Apply for the Employee Retention Credit in 5 Simple Steps

employee retention credit

As of 2021, the Employee Retention Credit is allowing employers a total of 70% credit. This is an increase from the previous year and allows up to $10,000 of an employee’s qualified wage per quarter. Along with that increase, the ERC has many other benefits that small businesses need to take advantage of before it ends. […]

Your 2022 Guide on CARES Act Eligibility

cares act 2022

The CARES Act passed in 2020 had aid for families and businesses. This help ranged from paycheck protection to unemployment aid to tax breaks for companies.  The COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. And there have been several changes to the CARES Act since its initial signing. Some programs have been […]