9/14/2023: IRS Moratorium on new ERC claims

What does this mean?

On 9/14/2023, the IRS announced an immediate moratorium on the processing  of new ERC claims until (at least) 2024.  The full press release can be found here. For society as a whole, this is a good thing – the IRS is finally taking a stand against all the scammers and spammers that have flooded the ERC marketplace.

This action is a result of a recent increase in suspicious and fraudulent claims, driven by mass-marketing companies promising large refunds with little-to-no diligence and using dubious eligibility criteria. The IRS plans to add additional safeguards to protect taxpayers from these schemes, including a 90-180 day processing timeline, potential added documentation requirements, and a voluntary ERC settlement program to allow victims to repay invalid ERC claims without penalties.

ERC Today remains the industry leader in IRS Compliance, and will continue to serve eligible clients now and after the moratorium has been lifted.

Want A Second Opinion?

Have you already completed an ERC claim through another company that may not have been looking out for your best interests? Would you like to learn more about some of the biggest sources of ERC errors and fraud?