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Industries We've Successfully Helped Get Employee Retention Tax Credits For


$317,551.39 for 2020 – 312 employee's


$1,152,330.98 for Q1 2021– 208 employees


(HVAC) - $39,262.33 for 2020 – 23 employees


$599,891.59 for 2020 – 195 employees


$252,104.88 for 2020 – 63 employees

Based on 27 reviews.
Easy process to get my Employee Retention Credit. They do all the work and even fill out the paperwork. All you have to do is sign the forms and wait for the checks. Easy Process. Skip Knauff was great to work with.
Kathy Lingenfelter
Kathy Lingenfelter
They were great, made the process quick and easy. I could always get a hold of people when I had questions. So on it every step of the way! Totally recommended from me!
Ed Jouran
Ed Jouran
Excellent service
First i have impression that my business does not qualify for ERC, but ERC Today made my process very easy. I have received big amount . I will recommended this company to all my friends & family.
Gitta Maier
Gitta Maier
We were very pleased from signing up with them until we received the funds, we can only recommend this company
Don Liebes
Don Liebes
ERC Today was recommended and supported by the NC Restaurant and Logging Association. They were a very professional company that did exactly what they said. Very pleased.
Cannot recommend working with ERC today enough! They made filing and claiming for our small Business a Breeze
Jared Markiewicz
Jared Markiewicz
We had a large amount of money owed to us via the ERC from the IRS. ERC Today made the process easy and we have our money sooner than expected. Couldn’t be happier to be giving this review!
Jose Pitones
Jose Pitones
Top Notch service, great people always going out of there way to help. Everything was done fast and smooth with better than expected results
Margarett Zoller
Margarett Zoller
The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for businesses all over the world, including my own, as I own multiple dental practices in multiple states. So, I was happy and surprised to learn about the employee retention tax credit to say the least. The ERTC filing was a bit confusing to me, but thankfully not to Stephen and his team at ERC Today! They successfully got my business a tax credit of over $20k+ per employee. The application process with this company was simple and straightforward and I am so happy I found out about it. Just wanted to share so others in a similar situation can take advantage of it like I did!

Who is Eligible For the ERC in 2020 & 2021?

The ERC was not widely used until March 2021, when updated IRS regulations made this type of COVID-19 Relief more accessible. In short: thousands of businesses who once picked between the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and ERC can now possibly use both, by amending their Quarterly Form(s) 941.

Criteria #1:  Must Issue a Formal Payroll

Employers must file Form 941s and W-2s. (Sole-proprietors are ineligible)

Criteria #2: Eligible Employee Headcount

Employers must have below a certain number of full-time employees in 2019.  (NOTE: this is not the same as full-time equivalents – FTEs)

– 2020 program: fewer than 100 full-time employees     (unlimited part-time employees)

– 2021 program: fewer than 500 FT employees

 (unlimited part-time employees)

Criteria #3: Must Meet one (not necessarily both) of:

A: Reduce Business Receipts (Sales for a Calendar Quarter)

For example: A business with $100k in sales for Q2 2019 vs

 – Q2 2020: eligible with < $50k in sales (or 50% lower)

 – Q2 2021: eligible with < $80k in sales (or 20% lower)

B: Must have been fully/partially shut down by government order

A “Stay At Home” order for non-essential businesses, or a capacity limit for a restaurant, would meet this test.  (The order is likely jurisdiction specific.) You can also have the same, or even more sales, and still qualify.

The Employee Retention Credit will be claimed against the employer’s portion of employment taxes (including Social Security and Railroad Retirement). If your ERC exceeds the amount due, it is then viewed as an overpayment and is refundable.


Once you've applied with us, the next steps are...



Data Gathering

Use our secure portal to upload your 941 returns, PPP loan documents, and raw payroll data.



Credit Calculation

We will use our expertise to calculate the exact value of the credit you can receive from the IRS.



Amending Returns

We will prepare and help file the 941-X Amended payroll returns.



Get Paid

The IRS will process the credit and mail you a check.

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